Good Times

Good Times. It's only about 6 months later, but the time is flying.

The kids are growing so quickly. Matthew is in Pre-K with Ms Rachael, and Catherine and Benji are loving the extra time with Donna.

Jeremy and I celebrated 10 years of maya-wij. Who knew. 10 years later, 3 kids, and slew of blessings.

7 years

Jeremy and I have been married 7 years--

We now have a 16 month old, and he is amazing.

Life is good, we are blessed. Here's to 70 more!

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  • 10:55 @Manage_Kelley It amazes me how much I get that feeling. The converse is true, I hate it when we duplicate something that exists. Annoying. #
  • 12:33 Today I begin my third trimester, holy cow, where did the time go? At least the third floor is done and the second floor cleaned/organized. #
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  • 17:26 RT @chriswidner: Sweet, baby #2 is here! I'm on diaper duty for the foreseeable future. Baptism by fire. can @jhitchco join you? #
  • 17:57 I'm looking for radiator reflector panels for our steam heat system's exterior wall radiators. Know of a place that makes decorative ones? #
  • 21:01 Cole has me looking for all of the old Sesame Street songs I loved... CLASSIC! #
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  • 15:35 A little sad that's 5:30pm and already dark... I like the winter, dislike the dark-- couldn't we have the snow without it? #
  • 16:43 Headed to feel good yoga. Can't wait to breath with the best. #
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  • 12:39 @hockeycrew Thanks for sharing that! Happy is good. #
  • 12:50 Lunch Date! Ate up some of the chili and guac from this weekend. Now I need to get the agenda printed out for Arts Commission. #
  • 14:10 This is really cool! RT @cvonwallenstein: DNSCog now provides testing of your DNSSEC keys and expirations #
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  • 05:12 I live in SimCity, if only we could get happiness stats-- #
  • 11:42 @tomdyninc You got it, temp storage for the winter :-) #
  • 18:04 @jhitchco is in boy heaven, he has 2 games open and he's reading about flying. Maybe I'll make him a neat scotch and a bowl of ice cream. #
  • 22:42 who appoints the Health Benefits Advisory Committee? 9 by president, 9 by comptroller of US (who is appointed by president every 15 yrs)... #
  • 22:45 missed the final 8 appointed by the president (federal employees and officers), for a total of 8+9+9+1 (Surgeon General, Chair) = 27 #
  • 22:48 Anybody taking bets on when the president appoints a new Comptroller General of the US? Mr Dodaro is interim. #
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